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Letter to the Editor, Boulder Daily Camera

14 Feb

I haven’t verified the validity of the information in this post, but thought it was interesting and maybe worth researching!


Program is a

waste of money

I borrowed money via the ClimateSmart loan program back in 2009 thinking that it was a great way to finance energy improvements to my house. In my case windows and insulation upgrades. I am now selling my house and need to pay off the loan.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that the program added about 16 percent in fees to the principle of the loan! If Boulder County were a credit card company, they would be hauled in front of Congress and rightly criticized for gouging and misleading their customers.

The ClimateSmart program was touted as a way to get inexpensive loans to help homeowners improve the carbon footprint of Boulder County. Instead it has become the most expensive homeowners’ loan I have ever had. I’ve owned four houses over the last 18 years and ClimateSmart’s effective interest rate is equal to the 9.4 percent loan on first home back in 1994. Even worse, the 16 percent in fees are effectively an early payoff penalty.

If there is any discussion of continuing this plan, please remember this awful management of the program and don’t renew it. Underwriting home loans written by private sector banks will likely result in far better deals for the people of Boulder County.



Carports and Gazebos

1 Feb

The county has made a change in the rules regarding Gazebos and Carports. They have increased the amount of space these two items can occupy without it counting towards your total residential square footage. Or course, the numbers are still silly but at least it is a step in the right direction!

This docket is a proposed text amendment to Article 18-189D of the Boulder County Land Use Code, related to the definition of residential floor area (used for purposes of Site Plan Review and the Expanded Transfer of Development Rights program).  The subject docket proposes a slight change to the exception in the definition of residential floor area.  The current exception exempts gazebos and carports under 200 square feet each, up to a total of 400 square feet, from counting as residential floor area.  The proposed revision is to exempt 400 square feet total of gazebo or carport in any configuration from counting as residential floor area. 
Proposed Amendment to Article 18 – Definitions:
18-189D  Residential Floor Area 
For the purposes of Site Plan Review and the presumptive size thresholds associated with the
Expanded Transfer of Development Rights Program, Residential Floor Area includes all attached and detached floor area (as defined in 18-162) on a parcel including principal and accessory structures used or customarily used for residential purposes, such as garages, studios, pool houses, home offices, and workshops. (Exemptions: Gazebos and carports under 200 square feet up to a total combined size of 400 square feet.)

An Explanation as to WHY we aren’t heard in unincorporated Boulder County

11 Dec

A recent article in the Boulder Daily Camera offers a pretty decent explanation as to why we aren’t listened as a group in unincorporated Boulder County. One of the last paragraphs in the article says it well: ” I think of my neighbors, one a die-hard libertarian and the other a young couple, who have, like so many people, run afoul of the county’s byzantine, unfair, unnecessarily intrusive land-use rules. And so long as you have not just one party, but a cadre of party insiders, running the show, it’s hard for citizens like these to be heard.” Check out the full article at

Meet the Candidates

7 Dec

For those of you interested in hearing the views of democratic candidates for two Boulder County commissioner seats up for election next year, there is a forum at 1:30 pm this Saturday (December 10th) at the democratic party’s headquarters, 1725B Walnut Street, Boulder, Colorado. If you attend, PLEASE report to us any candidates that might be interested in supporting our freedom! Check out: for more details.

Rounding Up Residents and Moving Them to Cities

1 Dec

County residents speculate as to why county building codes are so much more stringent than city codes in Boulder County. At one meeting, a person proposed that UN Agenda 21 essentially states that people should be “encouraged” to live in cities rather than counties. Boulder County has officially adopted the UN Agenda in their policy making. Still, we had doubts that this is the commissioners motivation BUT this article in National Geographic, The City Solution, makes us wonder if this might have something to do with their unreasonably restrictive building codes. THEY REALLY DON’T WANT US HERE and may be trying to run us out! We won’t spend too much time “speculating” as to their motivation – our time is best spent helping you learn and avoid this freedom voiding codes, but we just had to say …