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125% Rule Assistance – making barn footage not count!

25 Nov

If you are aware of the 125% rule (and if you aren’t, read the previous post or check out the Code Awareness category), one of the things that makes adding square footage to one’s property difficult is the fact that barn space is considered livable square footage and is subtracted from the space you can add to your property UNLESS … and this is a big UNLESS … it is purely agricultural. Therefore, make your barn agricultural. Clean out the crap, put it into storage. Add feed and a few animals (there are codes as to the number of animals  you can have). This way, the barn square footage cannot be used against you when calculating how many square feet you can add to your residence!


Clever Solutions

14 Nov

Over the years, we have heard some VERY clever solutions to circumventing unreasonable building codes, square foot restrictions, etc. Please let us know if you have any by commenting here or emailing us your solutions to! Thanks!