Some Hope …

20 Jan
The Boulder County planning department meeting last night went surprisingly well. An article in the Times – Call explained it fairly well (

The Planning Department recognized, after months of public input, that there are legitimate concerns with over-intrusive building codes in the county AND that public input should be one of the guiding principles to be used to draft the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan. After hearing the public testimonies, one person on the Planning Commission suggested the words “personal freedom” be put into the introduction. During the session, there was some confusion though as to who had the authority to approve the plan…the Planning Commission
or the County Commissioners. A speaker from the public suggested, after reading state law, that the Planning Commission was in charge of making the final decision on the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan. After consulting a county attorney, this was “partially verified.” On the surface, this seems hopeful since the Planning Department seems to be a little more balanced than the commissioners with all but two calling for increased public participation.

Is the battle won? Not even close. There are too many people in Boulder that subscribe to UN Agenda 21 and believe people shouldn’t live in the county and should be hoarded into the cities, thus making life difficult for those who live in the unincorporated areas as a way to move them out. And the process for change will be long – pressure MUST be kept on and residents of unincorporated Boulder County MUST be heard. But at least we made it to the race course, the race has started, we are starting into the first curve, and the trip to the finish line is a possibility!

This blog will continue to give hints on dealing with these restrictive codes and how to achieve the dreams you have always had regarding YOUR property!

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